Services and Activities

Home-like Environment

Meaningful development programs address specific behavioral and skill deficiencies to elevate each resident’s level of physical, mental and social efficiency. The environment  at the St. Augustine Center For Living is home-like, as opposed to an institutional setting, which approaches the norm, without compelling the resident to participate in experiences and situations which are unrealistic in terms of his or her performance.

Training Programs

Group activities offer an excellent opportunity for individualized training. Training programs at the Center For Living are systematic and intensive and specify the behavioral objectives, methods used, training schedules and persons responsible to the individualized training plans. Carefully controlled learning is sequenced and follows a systematic developmental progression which uses specialized procedures designed to improve skills as part of the development and maintenance of a meaningful, effective, individual program plan.

Residents can enjoy supervised work outs in the Center’s well equipped gym.


This area offers a large multipurpose recreation building, exercise equipment, a swimming pool, tennis court, athletic field, basketball court, outdoor bowling alley and pavilion.


This area is well known throughout the state of Florida for its success in desensitizing clients to medical and dental exams.

Sandy Martz works with some of the residents in the Habilitation classroom.


Basic academics and social skills are offered in this area.

Residents work on their communications skills inside one of the classrooms at the Center.


Individuals are taught alternative means to communicate via sign language and picture boards.

Animal Farm Class

Residents work with a variety of animals such as- horses, pigs, chickens, goats, and our dog Gator. Residents participate in a variety of activities at the farm including riding horses, helping clean the stalls, grooming and feeding the animals, collecting and cleaning chicken eggs, and taking Gator for a walk.

Planting and nurturing plants on the Center’s farm is one of the residents’ favorite activities.


Clients participate in activities such as: mulching, planting, raking, watering, and weeding on campus. Plants are grown in the facility greenhouse that the clients maintain. Seasonal vegetables are also grown and harvested.

Residents also get the chance to use their hands to create things in the Center’s workshop.


Individuals are taught pre-vocational skills to prepare them for gainful employment. Workshop tasks are engineered to encompass a broad spectrum of residents’ abilities. Arts and craft projects made by the clients are given to residents of nursing homes and patients at the hospital during visits. Recently, clients along with the Council on Aging, provide meals used with Meals on Wheels.  They deliver these meals twice a week and serve over thirty individuals.

Adult Day Training Program

On the west side of campus is the Day Treatment Program in which clients participate Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The program offers training programs that are meaningful, individualized, and work related. The activities that are created for the program are targeted to expand client choices in the community, at work, and at home. Our adults enjoy participating in a variety of activities such as: recreational activities, community outings, contract work, classes, volunteer opportunities, computer stations, arts & crafts, and annual events.

St. Augustine Center for Living also offers a day program filled with fun activities.